Tickets stolen after social media photos with barcodes posted

A headline from ABC News in Houston, TX this morning caught my attention: “Thieves stealing barcodes from pictures of event tickets posted on social media.” This can include using sites such as Facebook or Twitter to share images of paid events that others might want to enjoy–think football, baseball, basketball games, hockey matches, concerts, and […]

When You Die, You Still Live Online

This post is a followup to a previous post from IWKYS. A growing crisis: Loved ones dying without sharing passwords. What will happen to all your personal emails after you’re gone? What about your Facebook page and your documents and photos stored in the cloud? Traditional wills include the future of your physical assets and bank funds, […]

Tricked by a fake mind reader with an Internet research team

Here’s a short video that demonstrates how easy it is to find information about a person online. In this setup, random people were invited to see a mind reader, while being told it was for an upcoming TV program. What the people didn’t realize was that while their mind was supposedly being read, a team […]

Over $485 million lost to Internet fraud in 2011

Fast Company: The Internet Crime Complaint Center, or IC3 as the group is also known, has released its annual Internet Crime Report for 2011. The center received 314,246 complaints during the year, adding up to an estimated $485 million in losses for the year. From the IC3 Report: The most common victim complaints included FBI-related scams, […]

Protect your RFID-enabled credit cards, debit cards, and passports

A few weeks ago at a security conference, a demonstration proved how easily the number of a credit card with RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology could be stolen from across a room without touching the actual card: [Kristin] Paget aimed to indisputably prove what hackers have long known and the payment card industry has repeatedly downplayed […]

Major companies teaming up against phishing spam

Microsoft, Facebook, Google, PayPal and many other large online companies have officially announced that they are teaming up and collectively advocating a new standard in technology to help fight phishing spam. This is great news for everyone because it’s not just about detection; it’s about stopping spam before it can ever reach your spam folder. While it […]

A growing crisis: Loved ones dying without sharing passwords

“The Seattle Times reports that a growing crisis for many families is that loved ones are dying without disclosing their passwords. Given how many accounts are set up with names and passwords, how important this is now for online banking and all the rest, how much business is being transacted in terms of commerce and […]

IBM’s Prediction: Five Innovations within Next Five Years

The five claims: Creating energy and electricity: People power will come to life Security: You will never need a password again Mind reading: No longer science fiction Mobile Technology: The digital divide will cease to exist Analytics: Junk mail will become priority mail IBM takes an in-depth look at each one of these claims at […]

How can I get a free credit report?

How do I know which online credit report to use? The number of reporting sites being advertised seems confusing and deceptive. Is one better than another? The FTC warns users to be careful not to fall for websites that claim to be the official free annual credit report, as many will subscribe users to monthly fees if no action […]