Before jailbreaking, consider the risks

 “Jailbreaking,” a term commonplace with iOS users, may sound like a viable and fun way to expand features on Apple’s iPhone or iPad. No doubt, there are some very slick options out there to make use of. The process is quite simple, inexpensive, and is becoming popular among non-tech enthusiasts. But as with anything in […]

Prevent your web browser from sharing your location

Take advantage of your Internet browser’s built-in feature to prevent websites from requesting for your physical location. Whether you’re concerned about safety from online predators, or you don’t feel comfortable sharing where you live with a website’s third-party marketing advertisements, you may want to block your browser from directly giving away your computer’s location. Keep in mind that […]

Sharing mobile photos online could give away your location

With the explosive popularity of smartphones and social media platforms, sharing photos has never been easier. Millions of pictures are uploaded to the web every day, and camera-enabled mobile phones are the perennial top-selling consumer electronic devices. So it’s a safe bet that even more photos will be cropping up on image-hosting communities and personal […]

The dangers of texting when driving

Is it safe to text while driving? Should I use a smartphone when driving? AT&T campaign: This documentary featuring families affected by texting while behind the wheel was distributed to educators, government officials, safety organizations and the public as part of an educational awareness campaign. (Video length: 10:44) “Studies show that you are 23 times more […]

QR code dangers & the Norton Snap app

QR codes, or Quick Response codes: You have seen them in magazines, fast food chains, entertainment event tickets, posters, and even billboards. The danger in these two-dimensional codes is how easily they can be exploited by someone with malicious intent (for example, by placing a sticker of a new QR code on top of an […]

7 Reasons Not to Give Your Child a Smartphone

“Should I let my child have a smartphone?” You may have some good reasons to give one to your child. Here are seven reasons not to: Porn. In the app stores, on pornography websites, on malware-infected sites, on social media networks… “But I set up parental controls. I can lock down the device, right?” Sure, but […]